Blockchain Tuesday


the global Blockchain meetup ecosystem accessible to all attendees & organisers


The global Blockchain meetup ecosystem accessible to all attendees & organisers


Check the Blockchain Tuesday calendar and join Blockchain meetups organised by Blockchain Tuesday organisers around the world, physically or digitally. 

Check the Blockchain Tuesday Network to know your local Blockchain ecosystem. As an individual you can also join the network and become a synergy builder and/or Blockchain meetup co-organiser.


Publish your Blockchain meetups in the Blockchain Tuesday Calendar and add a digital access to open them up to a global audience and other Blockchain Tuesday network members.

Join the Blockchain Tuesday network, build synergies and co-organise Blockchain meetups with other network members! Blockchain Tuesday is an open brand and autonomous platform (it’s yours to use!) that fosters a cohesive global Blockchain meetup community & ecosystem through networking and cooperation.

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Blockchain Tuesday has been launched by LëtzBlock, the Luxembourg Blockchain & DLT Association, with the aim to create a global federative synergetic platform of Blockchain meetup organisers and a global community that fosters the Blockchain debate, pursues the sharing of knowledge and enables the creation of strong Blockchain ecosystem networks.

Blockchain Tuesday, a.k.a. BT, are the 1-st-Tuesday-of-the-month Blockchain meetups organised by members of Blockchain associations worldwide -a.k.a. BT Nodes. At Blockchain Tuesday meetups Blockchain is debated, shared, studied, hacked and people network, have fun and drinks … and especially co-create and leverage an international network of BT Nodes.

Blockchain Tuesday is also this web-portal and Blockchain Tuesday calendar publication tool that rewards the organisation of Blockchain meetups. In return for TUES, the Blockchain Tuesday ERC20 reward token, individual members of BT Nodes can autonomously organise a physical/digital/phygital meetup.

If you are an organiser of a Blockchain Tuesday meetup, then use the above publishing tool to announce you BT meetups. To create leverage and synergies with other BT Nodes, consider inserting a video conferencing link to your Blockchain Tuesday, invite digitally speakers from other BT Nodes, organise global debates, learning sessions, workshops and participate in the creation of an informal global Blockchain BT ecosystem.

If you are interested in attending Blockchain Tuesday meetups, then check the BT Calendar here above